5 Clever Ways To Utilize TBT To Build Your Social Brand

TBT definition

Initial TBT Definition

TBT definition on Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok is “Throwback Thursday.”Throwback Thursday is the common meaning of the acronym TBT when it is written with a hashtag (i.e., typed #TBT). On social networking sites like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, the hashtag #TBT is often used to denote sentimental postings, particularly photographs.

Truth Be Told

TBT is often used to precede a confession or a speech that can be divisive or damaging with the phrase “Truth Be Told,” which has the same meaning. TBT and TBH are comparable in this regard (To Be Honest).

How does TBT work?

Social media users use the hashtag TBT, which stands for “Throwback Thursday,” on postings that “throwback” to a younger version of themselves. While Twitter and Instagram are where the hashtag is most often used, you can find it elsewhere online.

Throwback Thursday postings, often known as TBT posts, may be written descriptions of memories or historical events, audio or video recordings, or even selfies. It’s a convenient pretext for recalling a former recollection. (Actually, it may not even be a positive recollection; a Throwback Thursday post might work well as the first portion of a “before and after” piece.)

TBT began when?

Indeed, this social media trend has a lengthy history. According to Vox, writer Mark Halfhill used the term for the first time on his sneaker blog in 2006, while according to Time, a man by the name of Bobby created the #ThrowbackThursday hashtag on Instagram with this image of Hot Wheels in 2011:

A number of rival hashtags, such as #MondayMemories, #TakeMeBackTuesday, #WaybackWednesday, and #FlashbackFriday, have been created as a result of people’s fondness for looking back in the present.

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It’s recommended to limit yourself to just one of what does tbt mean on whatsapp days because you don’t want to keep your followers captive by showing them every page of a family picture book (metaphorically speaking). If you use the most well-liked, you’ll probably gain the greatest ground.

Why use the hashtag #TBT?

Now that its nature has been revealed, why on earth should you upload your own Throwback Thursday? That often results in the ideal content for your brand.

Fun is had

A easy method to have fun is to share the occasional throwaway TBT post, unless it really doesn’t match with your social media strategy.Taking a look back is a great way to keep things fun and lighthearted, whether you’re making fun of your early brand blunders or sharing photos of your very first office in your parents’ garage.

It increases involvement.

Consumers like anything that gives them the impression of being given an inside look or access, therefore #TBT postings often get high levels of response. A call to action may even be included directly within the nostalgia. Share your company plan’s earliest draft and invite commenters to share their early concepts, or invite readers to tag you in a vintage prom picture.

It broadens your horizons.

Your content will be shared more widely by the algorithm if you have high engagement (yup, this is true on basically every social platform).


Also, as you increase your audience, you attract potential new fans to your company. You’ll quickly increase brand recognition and attract new followers if you have entertaining, fascinating, or original TBT material.

It takes place each week.

We understand that it might be challenging to come up with new perspectives or methods to offer your material. TBT is also a great approach to provide consistent, interesting material, even if it shouldn’t be your primary posting strategy. Thursday only occurs once a week, after all.

5 concepts to motivate your next TBT post

It’s time to start using Throwback Thursday now that you are familiar with its ins and outs. These are some outstanding instances that may serve as motivation for you to achieve TBT excellence.

1. Location, place, place

Few things evoke nostalgia like recalling the locations from our pasts, which is the main theme of TBT. It might be really effective to post a location from your own past to get TBT likes.

The MLB tapped on nostalgia by inviting fans to share their favorite former ballparks when tbt meaning education the comments section:

Yet to get into the mood, you don’t need the history of America’s game.

Showing the development of their workplace over time allows brands of any size to participate in the fun. As this business has been in the same location since the 1970s, some fantastic before and after pictures are possible:

2. Travel back in time

In fact, it’s always a wonderful idea to dig them out for TBT if you have any old-school images or movies of you, your life, or your business lying around. They not only make for intriguing captions, throwback thursday meaning also generally have a beautiful appearance, which helps to break up the monotony of someone’s timeline.

With each Throwback Thursday, the Special Olympics Minnesota has been reflecting on the past as it marks its 50th anniversary. These images from 2004 seem like a time capsule from 19 years ago:
These images of UFC fighter John Maguire’s Ninja Turtles collection from 1990 were recreated for a gratifying before-and-after TBT in 2023:

A classier organization, the BBC Symphony Orchestra tbt urban dictionary to brag about its 1942 double bassoon performance:

3. clumsy fun

One of the most contagious qualities you can have online is humor, and Throwback Thursday is the ideal opportunity to demonstrate your willingness to laugh. Use the hashtag as an excuse to be ridiculous if all else fails.

TBT definition

Dr. Shriram Nene, a health influencer, demonstrated his sense of humor by sharing this humorous prom photo from his “awkward adolescent years” for TBT:
Using the #NationalBaconDay hashtag into her TBT post with this slow-motion video of herself chewing on some bacon, alternative radio DJ St. Pete Sam pulls off a double whammy:

Author Patricia Cornwell raised the ante by uploading a throwback photo straight from 90210:

4. Put a date on it.

TBT is a perfect opportunity to publish anything from the past, whether it’s an anniversary, a birthday, or any other old event worth remembering. Utilize vintage memorabilia to draw attention to a noteworthy moment in your brand’s history, such as old posters or ticket stubs.

Ticket stubs from concerts that took place on that day in the past are often posted on the official Black Sabbath Twitter handle as part of TBT posts:

To further honor the late rapper DMX on what would have been his 52nd birthday, The House of Blues shared a clip from his last performance there:

5. Share an outdated item

Throwback Thursday is a terrific opportunity to share your first-ever items and demonstrate how far your business has gone. To avoid confusing your viewers, just make sure your piece is clearly marked as being from the past.

With this picture of their 1977 model, The Fold, the London-based recumbent bicycle company Brompton showed exactly how long they had been in the business:

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